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"Just received my new timepiece and the only thing I can say is you guys did a great job! I love being able to switch straps and enjoy different styles" - Max B.

Roségold Marineblau

Angebot€89,00 Regulärer Preis€120,00

Roségold Marineblau
Roségold Marineblau Angebot€89,00 Regulärer Preis€120,00



For those who seek authenticity and exclusivity


the perfect fit

Not too big not too small. All our timepieces are designed and made in one size 39mm. Perfect fit for all average wrist size among men.

Be unique

Customizable straps

Switch straps on a daily in a matter of seconds. Match any outfit with any of our six different watch strap colors.

for the

TOP 1% man

Made from premium materials that feel luxurious while being durable. Our timepieces can be worn year-round and are suitable for both casual and dressy occasions. So you have the best of both worlds.